Provision of EM4 Probiotics in pellet feed as an effort to improve the quality of growth of tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)

Lady Khartiono


EM4 is one of the probiotics known in the market. EM4 (Effective Microorganisms) is a brownish liquid and smells sweet and sour (fresh). EM4 contains a mixture of several living microorganisms such as photosynthetic bacteria (Rhodopseudomonas sp), lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus sp), Actinomycetes sp. and fermentation fungi. EM4 is able to maintain environmental quality by increasing DO so that the water becomes clean and there is no need to replace it repeatedly because water quality is maintained. EM4 is also known to increase protein levels in feed (Rachmawati, 2006).

The use of tilapia in this study is as a test organism which is suspected to be easily applied to the addition of EM4 probiotics, because this fish is easily maintained and has a high appetite. Purpose and Use This study aims to determine the optimal optimal concentration of EM4 probiotics on the growth of tilapia (O. niloticus) seeds and as a reference research on the use of EM4 in pellet feeds against other fish growth.

The method used in this research is simple random sampling and complete random design, the data were analyzed using analysis of variance and ANO calculations, and continued with LSD test.

The results obtained there are significant differences between control and EM4 use, the higher the dose (20% dose) results in better growth. The fermentation ability produced by EM4 probiotics can increase the protein content of pellet feed and increase the appetite of fish through the resulting flavour.

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